Past Projects



- Business Professional S.O.S. series 1, 2, 3
- Co-hosted JC Sports Day with Island Junior Chamber
- CD Project “Carey Bag”
- LD Project “Hong Kong Master of Ceremony Competition” (全港司儀大賽)
- 40th Anniversary Celebration

- Community Development Project "登入快樂網 @ Happiness.Net"
- Leadership Development Project "HK Master of Ceremony Competition" (全港司儀大賽)
- Leadership Development Seminar Series - I, II, III and IV
- Jointly hosted Halloween Friday Fever with Island Junior Chamber, Harbour Junior Chamber, Bauhinia Junior Chamber, North District Junior Chamber and Shatin Junior Chamber
- Co-organized“科技奧運在荃城嘉年華”with 荃灣區推廣使用資訊科技統籌委員會 and other external organizations
- Public Relations Event "Champion of Champion Chess Competition" (皇者棋跡)

- Community Development Project "Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign"(乳妳有關)
- Leadership Development Project "Elite Leadership Series" (精英領導系列)
- Jointly hosted JCIHK project "President Academy" with Island Junior Chamber

- Community Development Project "Love in Heart, Love in Home" (心心共融樂滿家)
- Leadership Development Project "HK Master of Ceremony Competition" (全港司儀大賽)
- Jointly hosted JCIHK project, the "CEO Forum - Entrepreneurs In Action" with Apex Junior Chamber
- Summer Fantasy concert

- Community Development Project "Dreams Beyond Boundaries" (童闖夢國度)
- Leadership Development Project "HK Master of Ceremony Competition" (全港司儀大賽)
- Fund Raising Project "Tutti Flutti Fantasia"
- 2005 Summer Concert

- Community Development Project "Smile for a Future Mile" (笑出過未來)
- Joint International Affairs Project "Kids, Love Beyond the Rainbow"(跨國童心獻關懷)
- Leadership Development Project Effective Lady Manager Series "Winning Strategies, Feminine Power" (飛躍職場講座)
- 35th Anniversary Celebration "World of Corals"

- Community Development Project "Healthy Man, Happy Family" (壓力無憂,男得出色)
- Leadership Development Project "3 Secrets of Brightening your Career" (擦亮事業三面睇)
- Community Development Project 荃民環保綠化日
- Master of Ceremony Easy Workshop

- Community Development Project "English In Action"
- Community Development Project - 『親子城門栽紫荊』- 小小苗籽,綠綠球兒
- Leadership Development Project "Effective Lady Manager Series - My True Colour (I, II, III)"

- Community Development Project "Cyber Child Wight Control Program" (叻NET小孩「脂」多少)
- Community Development Project "Tsuen Wan Tree Planting Day" (荃灣親子植樹日)
- Public Relations Project "PHAB Children Fund Raising Night" (傷健童心耀禮賓)
- Leadership Development Project "Success Training I & II" (成功在望之成熟亮麗人生)
- Fund Raising Project "Green Mile-A-Thorn"
- Business Seminar "Branding & Marketing" (品牌推廣一日通)

- Community Development Project "Stay Healthy” (食得保健、食得保障)
- Youth Affairs / International Affairs Joint Project with Yokohama Junior Chamber "ECO Friends" (地球小救星)
- Economic Affairs Project "Travel.Plan.HK"
- Co-organized "Asian IT Venture Capital Forum" with Island Junior Chamber
- Public Relations Project "Inter-chapter Woodball Competition"
- Hosted JCIHK project, the Public Speaking Contest "Speech Power"