Message from 2024 President

Dear Jayceettes and Friends,

Happy New Year! On the behalf of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes Board of Directors, may I wish you all an amazing and prosperous year of 2024! It is my greatest honour to serve as your President this year, celebrating the 55th Anniversary with our fellow Jayceettes. 


“WE Create Rippling Impacts” is the theme for 2024. Like water, women can be versatile, flexible and fluid. WE stands for Women Empowerment. Each Jayceettes member is a water drop and when WE gather the drops together, WE can create rippling impacts to the society by collective effort. WE dare to challenge and put ideas to practice, representing a powerful yet ubiquitous force like water - not only leading changes across sectors, society and the world, but also radiating infinite rippling impacts.


“Membership, Internationalism and Branding” will be our three main focuses this year. 


Membership. Members are our most important asset towards the chapter. We hope to seek each person's “Jayceettes Value”. Finding each and every Jayceettes’ Reason to be here with us, of what she wants to gain and learn in this chapter. In the coming year, we plan to concentrate on creating a more defined path forward for future leaders. This will be achieved through focus on providing more trainings and growth opportunities. Internationalism. As it is our 55th year of anniversary, we hope to rebuild our members’ interest in participating and enjoying IA related initiatives and trips, such as ASPAC, WC, APLLC, Sister Chapters Visits and Project Collaborations. Branding. From social media, publication, external relations and flagship projects, we hope to strengthen the public branding of the chapter in the community and rebuild connections with like-minded external parties within and out of Hong Kong.


In celebration of our 55th anniversary, we will be launching several projects and initiatives, including Business on Stilettos 2024: ShE-Commerce.gba, Care and Dare 2024: Sports Mentorship Program, Asia-Pacific Lady LOMs Convention and 55th Anniversary Celebration Series to create sustainable impact and empowerment to the society.


My life motto is, “Initiative is doing the right thing without being told”, never be afraid of ideas and initiatives, because you will never how amazing it would be until you try hard!


Dear fellow Jayceettes, every drop counts and we need your support. With your active participation and support, WE are ready to bring a page to JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes and create RIPPLING IMPACTS.