2017 Care & Dare 2017: “FashionABLED” 敢想敢做2017:「時尚共融」計劃  

As one of the celebration activities of the 20th anniversary of establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the 48th anniversary of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, the project aims to 1) build the self-confidence of the disabled and 2) to arouse social awareness to the needs of disabled people, ultimately promote social inclusion and reduce inequality.   

We noticed that many disabled people, especially the physically disabled ones, have been facing difficulties in finding comfortable clothing within their budget that are suitable for their normal daily life, not to mention fashionable clothing. In this campaign, we target to pair up a group of caring and motivated emerging designers with a group of disabled models to design extraordinary fashion pieces according to the models’ specific needs and background stories, and showcase in public their final design during the closing ceremony which will be held in a form of a social inclusion carnival.  

Besides, we engaged architecture students to propose barrier-free facilities in shopping malls so as to improve accessibility to the disabled and create a REAL “ABLED Shopping Paradise” in Hong Kong. Through engaging youngsters in the project, we encourage the students to be more empathetic and show caring towards the disabled. Further, we hope that the mindset of promoting disability equality built would be brought to the business environment as the students step into workplace. 

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13 May 2017 Government News reported FashionABLED opening 

19 May 2017 Takungpao reported FashionABLED opening  

FashionABLED -  「時尚並不是屬於你的代名詞?」

FashionABLED - 「有沒有說話想跟現時的時裝設計師 提議一些更好的意見和設計 ?」

FashionABLED -「在時裝裡,有什麼事情讓你們帶來煩擾?」