Water exists in many forms, offering infinite possibilities and inspirations. In certain temperatures and environments, it condenses into solid ice crystals which makes cool weather in summer. Now and then it turns into clouds, producing rain that gathers in lakes, rivers and oceans, nourishing everything without a sound, while steam is a source of energy for machinery. It helps to nurture all lives on earth.

Woman is like Water | WE - Women Empowerment

Like water, women can be versatile, flexible and fluid. WE demonstrate strength and tenderness while pursuing visions and dreams, while staying consistent in our goals and exhibit immense wisdom, agility and creativity.


Each Jayceettes member is a water drop and when WE gather the drops together, WE can create rippling impacts to the society by collective effort. WE dare to challenge and put ideas to practice, representing a powerful yet ubiquitous force like water - not only leading changes across sectors, society and the world, but also radiating infinite RIPPLING IMPACTS.