International Affairs 

To promote international understanding, enhance relationship with overseas Jaycees and encourage cultural exchange and flow of ideas, JTT has established sisterhood/friendship pact with the following overseas chapters.  

International Affairs aim is to maintain closer contacts with our Sister Chapters. Through ASPAC and World Congress, we will also be providing members the opportunities to learn more about JCI and it's great leaders on an international level; gathering with members from Sister Chapters; and meeting up with friends, new and old, from other Chapters all over the world. JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes will be acting as a hostess to our Sister Chapters this October in Hong Kong for our yearly anniversary Celebration. 

Sister Chapters                   Year of Signing Sisterhood
Manila JC, Philippines              1971  
Dhonburi JC, Thailand   1971
Kaohsiung JC, Taiwan 1974
JCI Yokohama, Japan  1975
Friendship Chapters Year of Signing Friendship Pact
JCI Toyota, Japan        1997
JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan    2005
  (E-Metro), Malaysia