Interview with 2017 JCI World President Dawn Hetzel new


Our Chapter slogan this year Explore Your Potential, Exude Your Charisma, what do you think are elements that make a women charismatic? 

How do you motivate yourself to GIVE your BEST SHOT?   

E Snapshot

2017 December Snapshots new (Do Do say Do Do did ~ How people describe our President Do Do throughout this year? What image does she portray?)

2017 November Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ the awesome "JC Credit Card"! )

2017 October Snapshots  

2017 September Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ How "fashion" has influenced so much on Do Do's personal and JC journey

2017 July Snapshots  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ What superpower does a president possess?)

2017 June Snapshots  (Printed Issue) ~ Feature Story: Dialogue with Ms Pansy Ho, JP (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Chemistry with Blue Flag) 

2017 April General Issue (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Our Lady Locker)  

2017 March General Issue  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ Mr Coffee & Mrs Water, and BYOWB)

2017 February General Issue  (Do Do say Do Do do ~ The Secret of my President Chain) 

2017 January Issue (Inaugural printed issue) 

Explore Your Potential (發掘個人潛能)Exude Your Charisma (綻放個性魅力) 

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2017 August Special Issue 

2017 July Special Issue 

2017 May Special Issue

2017 April Special Edition

2017 March Special Edition 



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