"Business On Stilettos 2021: APAC Female Entrepreneur Award”, is a leading award dedicated to reward distinguished and outstanding female entrepreneurs as leading examples to encourage APAC women to keep abreast of entrepreneurship.

We also provide resources to female entrepreneurs and foster business development and opportunities. Down-to-earth skills and knowledge sharing workshops equip APAC women with overseas business knowledge, skills and network. Any female entrepreneurs are welcomed to join the award and broaden your horizons!


Award Objectives


13 Mar 2021 | Opening Ceremony cum Power Workshop - Social Marketing

17 Apr 2021 | Workshop 2 - APAC Business Info Day

29 May 2021 |Workshop 3 - What is SDG & how to use SDG in business? 

31 Jul 2021 | Closing Ceremony & Award Presentation


Nomination Period

13 Mar 2021 - 29 May 2021






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Project Chairlady Audrey Yip (

Vice President Yuki Wong (